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 Welcome to Culinary Connoisseur

Discovering artisanal cooking and food from around the world with authentic recipes, natural ingredients, eco-friendly kitchenware and wholesome cooking methods.

Natural Ingredients

Our recipes do not use chemically processed ingredients. Instead we rely on natural, minimally-processed, organic ingredients, and ingredients produced through traditional and natural methods.

Authentic Recipes And Cultural Background For Added Authenticity

As far as practically possible, our recipes focus on the authentic and traditional ingredients and cooking/preparation methods. For a more authentic flavor, we strive to introduce the dish served with a background of cultural and historical information.

Environmentally-Friendly Kitchen Tools

While we generally welcome modern cooking tools, we also value those traditional, natural and environmentally-friendly kitchen utensils which have stood the test of time such as the pestle and mortar, the cast-iron wok and earthen cookware.

Culinary Connoisseur’s ‘pestle and mortar’ logo is symbolic of this appreciation; for centuries, most cuisines around the world have featured some form of pestle and mortar, all of which are crafted with natural, environmentally-friendly materials such as wood and stone.

Nutritive Teachings From Various Culinary Legacies

“You are what you eat”. Nutrition is an extremely important aspect in culinary philosophy, and apart from modern scientific discoveries on food nutrition, we strive to discover the numerous tried-and-tested nutritive teachings of various culinary heritages around the world, which have been passed down over several generations and are still in use today.

Judicious Product Offering Based On Our Culinary Philosophy

All our products and product recommendations are thoughtfully made with the aforementioned culinary philosophy in mind.