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The Benefits Of Storing Water In Clay Pitchers

A traditional Sri Lanka water pitcher for sale at a farmers' market in Sri Lanka.

Clay pitchers or jugs were traditional utensils for storing water in the olden days in countries such as India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The porous nature this clay-based vessel helps to slightly chill the water contained within it. Through the pores, clay absorbs water which evaporates keeping the surface and thereby the water within the vessel, nicely cooled. The science behind the clay water pot’s water-cooling properties is similar to the body’s mechanism of using sweat as a way to keep the body cool.

However, apart from being an environmentally-friendly water cooler, storing water in clay pots is also believed to have numerous health benefits.

Water is chilled to an optimum temperature depending on climate

When water is chilled in the refrigerator, it is the settings of the refrigerator that controls the temperature of the water. Water cooled in an earthen pot on the hand, pleasantly chills the water in harmony with the temperature of the environment. By maintaining water temperature in accordance with climactic temperatures, the water is believed to be healthier on the body – not too cold, not too hot. Water chilled in a refrigerator on the other hand, may well end up being too cold on the body on a very hot day, and subjecting the body to such sharp temperature contrasts is believed to have negative effects on human health. This climate-based water cooling feature is unique to clay pitchers.

Natural, environmentally-friendly materials

Some modern day storage vessels are made with un-natural, sometimes carcinogenic materials, which are detrimental to human health. Clay on the other hand, is 100% natural making it healthy for humans and environmentally-friendly too. The fact that it requires no electricity to chill the water makes all the more environmentally-friendly.

Enrich water with natural minerals

It is believed that natural, mineral water is ideal for human health. However, during the purification process, much of the water’s naturally inherent minerals and nutrients are stripped off. Earthen clay pots, which are crafted with nutrient-rich, natural clay, is believed to help replenish some of the lost minerals and restore the water as close as possible to its original state.

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